Oxbow High Grads Double Down

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Bradford, Vt. — There was more than the usual pre-commencement buzz in the corridors of Oxbow High School last night as many of the 82 members of the Class of 2013 donned their caps and gowns prior to the start of the ceremony.

In fact, it wasn’t off the mark to say there was twice the excitement, at least in some quarters.

Four sets of twins, all girls, were among the graduates.

Eight graduates — almost 10 percent of the class — were in a set of twins.

“It’s weird, yup,” said Megan Speck, of the unusual occurrence. She was soon joined by her sister, Emily, who had more reason than most graduates to be keyed up.

As valedictorian, Emily was preparing to deliver the final speech last night before several hundred people who gathered in the gym named for longtime Oxbow girls coach Mona Garone.

Heidi Terrio said it was “a lot of fun” being a twin with her sister, Stacy.

Amber Hatch expressed a similar view of life with her twin, Amanda.

“We do everything together. We’re both going to Castleton (State College) for physical therapy,” she said. Asked if they planned to open their own practice, Amber replied, “Maybe down the road. That’d be cool.”

Twins Brandi and Brianna Veillette also graduated.

Emily delivered a well-received presentation with a personal reflection that centered on a long game of Frisbee she had recently with her dad, Doug Speck, who taught her some tricks with the disc.

“Who knew my dad was somewhat cool?” she asked. “In the midst of this of this time, I thought to myself, ‘It’s been such a long time since I’ve spent this much time with my dad. This is so rare, but so special,’ ” she said.

“I remember that moment, and I told myself that I always would, even if the moment was temporary.”

She advised her fellow graduates to likewise simply remember their final moments together last night.

Class co-president Ashleigh Stearns said life would likely continue to involve risk-taking, at times, for all of them.

“We’ve all learned how to take risks, from standing up here in front of the class, to making decisions that could affect the entire Oxbow community,” she said.

“Personally, I have learned that you have to take leaps of faith in life, knowing that — even if you don’t quite reach your goal — you’ll still find that you can make a difference, whether it be helping to educate someone in class, or make a lasting and positive impact on someone’s life,” Stearns said.

Principal Larry Walsh opened commencement with brief remarks, introduced the speakers and presented diplomas.

Teacher Emily Mooney, who is retiring, ended her 15 years at the school by bidding students and her colleagues farewell, and closed with some of the night’s best advice: “Please drive safely,” she said.

Class of 2013

Justin Edward Bailey; Douglas Kurt Bassett; Lydia Annabeth Batten; Eric Todd Beck; Valaree Dawn Bedell; Hunter Alexander Bingham; BJ Edward Blish; Justin Daryl Boyce; Tyler Jerard Brocar; Jaclyn Brie Brochu; Spencer Vaughn Brochu; Sarah LeeAnne Burridge; Jacob Steven Burroughs; Rebecca Leigh Calhoun; Taylor Cherie Carlson; Sully Warren Carter; Amber Gail Chase; Riley John Chicoine; Marissa Andreina Ciurleo; Dilan Brainerd Clements; Samantha Lynn Crews; Rachel AriannaEmerson; Anthony Raul Fandino; Brindie Zehr Gaul; Jayci Cay Giambrone; Keegan Charles Grant; Shawn Robert Gray; Courtney Lee Grosser; Brandon J. Gurney; Amanda Jean Hatch; Amber Lynn Hatch; William James Drouin Heathman; Casey Frances Henry; Joshua S. Hough; Brendan John Jones; Caleb Joseph Lafaille; Zachary Michael Lang; Jacklyn Marie Largesse; Clairissa Ann Lawrence; Cooper Avery Lawson; Grant Larson Leete; Joshua Michael Lemay; Vincent A. Loiacono; Holly Marissa Lund; Andrew John Lyman; Roger Jeffrey Maxwell; Thomas Eric McCool; Jobin David Messenger; Nicholas Ian Nunn; Jordan Edwin Osmer; Crystal Poor; Caleb Alan Michael Potwin; Perley John Rich; Tyrone Jacob Rock; Joshua William Sanborn; Blayne Alexander Sarazin; LeeAnn Mae Senecal; Sarah Faye Smith; Tucker Snook; Emily Danielson Speck; Megan Elizabeth Speck; William P. Sprague; Riley Walter Robert Stalker; Ashleigh Irene Stearns; Joshua Edward Streeter; Jon Amsden Tabor; Heidi May Terrio; Stacy May Terrio; Cody Kendan Thompson; Jacob Lorenzo Thompson; Amanda Lyn Thornton; Michael Andrew Tkac Jr.; Drucilla Marie Turner; Vanessa Ann Valley; Brandi Anne Veillette; Brianna Jamie Veillette; Gerald Roland Wadle; Lucas Matthew Wheeler; Holly Ann White; Courtnie Rose Williams; Gwenyth May Williams; Jonathan Richard Yelle.