Stand Taller When the Ball’s Above Your Feet

Peter Harris

Peter Harris

Last week we touched on the uneven lie, where the ball was below your feet. So naturally, this week we’ll discuss swinging the golf club and hitting a ball that is above our feet.

It all starts with posture when we’re in a mess like this. When the ball is above our feet, set up with the upper body taller so your chest is pointing at the ball. Gravity wants to take your weight to the heels, so establish balance slightly toward your toes.

Depending on the severity of the slope, grip down on the club an inch or two. The more severe the angle, the more you need to grip down.

With taller posture and ball above your feet, you’re forced to swing flatter and more around your body, like a baseball swing. This almost guarantees delivering the club from an inside path creating a draw-biased ball flight.

The lie angle of the club will also be more upright at impact, causing the initial flight left of the intended target, so aim to the right to compensate for that as well.

Expect a straighter flight if you are a chronic slicer of the ball, as you won’t need to adjust as much. If you draw the ball, expect more curvature than normal.

During the swing, maintain your upper body posture throughout the swing by avoiding any excess movement taller on the backswing or moving your torso closer to the ground during the downswing. Any change in your posture will create instability and loss of balance, resulting in a missed shot.

Finally, take more club, use a shorter backswing and swing easier to help maintain the stability and balance required to hit a successful shot.

Folks, this is the final Amen Corner for the season. It’s been a blast offering up tips and tricks to make your golf game better. Thank you so much for the opportunity and the great response. Remember, golf is a game of misses; whoever hits the best misses wins. We’re not always going to hit a perfect shot, but with a little practice and direction we can trend toward our intended target.

Peter Harris is director of golf at the Fore-U Golf Center in West Lebanon.