Wasps Stung By GM

Chester, Vt. — Woodstock and Green Mountain, two girls basketball teams hoping to take big steps in improving their programs, met Monday night at Nason Gym and settled one thing: The team that has Maddi Huntley on its roster is the decided favorite.

Unfortunately, from the Wasps’ perspective, she’s a Chieftain. Huntley’s 30 points paved the way for a 57-38 Green Mountain win over Woodstock.

While Woodstock coach Roger St. Hilaire does not like to lose, the Wasps — with a win over Bellows Falls earlier this season — are heading in the right direction. The BF victory ended a 54-game losing streak dating back to 2010.

Woodstock did not field a varsity team last year after the numbers fell to where only a junior varsity schedule was viable. There were 12 girls originally out for the sport last winter, but four left the program and that angered two junior girls, Amber Barcomb and Schuyler Benoit, who hung in there and felt their teammates should have stuck around.

“It’s the only sport I play,” said Barcomb, earlier this season. “I love basketball.”

“It’s my favorite sport,” added Benoit.

The Wasps (1-5) are still dealing with numbers issues; with two girls injured, only nine girls dressed for Monday’s game. Two of those fouled out. Adding to the difficulty is a roster that has no seniors, six freshmen and three sophomores.

While the Wasps ended up losing by 19 points, the game didn’t get out of hand until a 17-10 Green Mountain edge in the fourth quarter.

“When we do the right things, we do OK,” said St. Hilaire. “But it was kind of hard tonight with the missing players and the foul trouble.“

One philosophy that St. Hilaire has is that he wants his team to fire plenty of shots. Consequently, when his team gets the ball in the offensive zone, there are very few turnovers because there is usually a shot going up from the first person that has a good look.

“We like to give ourselves as many offensive opportunities as we can,” said St. Hilaire.

However, the night came down to trying to contain not only Huntley, but Leah Bodin as well. Bodin contributed 14 points.

“We just didn’t do a good job containing those two,” said St. Hilaire.

Nobody has done much of a job containing Huntley, who is nearing the 1,000-point mark for her career.

Green Mountain coach Terry Farrell was not exactly doing handstands over the way his 2-3 Chieftains performed. Part of the reason for Farrell’s less-than-gleeful attitude was the team’s lack of success on defense.

“Our press was terrible,” said Farrell who can lay some of the blame on that because of the absence of point guard Catie Tyrrell. “We had to move some people around, and I suppose that’s good sometimes.”

Woodstock has three more games this week, beginning with a trip to Poultney tonight followed by home games with MSJ on Thursday and Bellows Falls on Saturday.