10,000 Dartmouth Fans Cheer Big Green to Upset of Yale

Hanover — Dartmouth fans, you did it.

You came. You stayed. You cheered.

You won.

In the most complete game Dartmouth has put together in years, the Big Green raised the Homecoming banner up the flag pole and announced its intention as a team to be reckoned with following Saturday’s 20-13 win over Yale. (Complete coverage, page D1.)

With the game secured on a big hit with under two minutes to play that turned the ball back over to Dartmouth to run out the clock, the Big Green emphatically let Yale know just what it could do with its Boolah-Boolah — stuff it.

This was the same Yale that was previously undefeated. This was the same Yale that was averaging over 30 points a game. This was the same Yale that was fresh off a road win at No. 19 Cal Poly.

Well, that’s all in the rear view mirror now. Just like the line of Connecticut license plates fleeing town late Saturday.

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As for Dartmouth, forget the past — the agonizing back-to-back losses to Holy Cross and Penn. Nothing for this team to worry about now. This is a team for the present.

And the Big Green is 2-2 with a pair of winnable games coming up. And then, the possibility of heading to Harvard on a three-game winning streak and a definite attitude about taking a real shot at the Ivy title.

But before that comes, let’s get back to those fans — the 10,983 of you who showed up and made halftime guest Reggie Williams feel just like it was old times at Memorial Field.

The roars of 10,000 strong could be heard all the way down the I-95 corridor to the halls of the old Eli. You were in all your throaty glory — especially in the fourth quarter.

Following the Dartmouth touchdown to take the lead, the undercurrent around the field was the worry that the Big Green would fail to close the deal … again. But each big hit, each big stop, each incompletion was met by louder and louder cheers — by a crowd that stayed and roared. Especially on the final Yale drive, when the entire home crowd stood as one, getting louder and louder as each play went Dartmouth’s way securing the sweet victory.

But the best part — after the lights went out on the scoreboard, after the cheering stopped, after the field cleared out — the best part was down in the corner of the home stands where the team and its loud and loyal fans melded their voices together to sing the school’s alma mater.

The players didn’t need a last-second win of a storybook ending. All they needed was you fans to turn this football game into a celebration.

Because as the team did its job, you fans did yours.

See you next week.