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That ‘N This

Dartmouth College football coach Buddy Teevens has been in the business a long time, so I was a bit surprised when I raised a topic this week and he said he’d never discussed it before. I wanted to hear Teevens’ thoughts on why, whenever a Big Green player lies hurt on the field for any significant amount of time, the boss always trots out to see how they’re doing. Few of Teevens’ peers do likewise. Most will head out to join the trainers only if

This ‘N That

One of the notable things to me about Dartmouth College’s male athletes is how many of them can play so hard and aggressively while remaining good people. It’s not easy to try and knock the daylights out of an opponent one hour and transition to a coed, philosophy study group the next. The Big Green performers you meet in sports like football, hockey and lacrosse generally don’t come with that nasty edge more common among higher-level Division I teams. There, coaches don’t have to be

Men's Lacrosse Player Cam Lee Arrested

A disappointing 2013 continued for the Dartmouth College men’s lacrosse team last week when sophomore standout Cam Lee was arrested by Hanover police. Lee, 20, was charged with creating a false fire alarm and simple assault on Nov. 5. Fifth-year coach Andy Towers, facing a critical 2014 season, wrote in a Thursday email that Lee remains on the team while the case is pending. He declined further comment Friday and Lee declined a Friday request for an interview made through an athletic department representative. Towers

Moose (Antler) On the Loose

That’s myself, your humble blogger, pictured above with what I’d guess to be a 15-pound moose antler. It was loaned to me for a few hours by the Dartmouth College football team, and specifically head coach Buddy Teevens, who said he found it a few years back while hiking. Knowing Teevens, “hiking” probably means sprinting past the tree line on his lunch break, but however he discovered the antler, he’s left it in the football lounge at Floren Varsity House as a conversation piece the

Men’s Hockey Floundering

What in the world is wrong with Dartmouth College men’s hockey? I’ve heard that question nonstop in the last week and it’s certainly valid. If coach Bob Gaudet and his players knew the answer, they wouldn’t be 0-6 overall and 0-4 in ECAC play, the program’s worst start since the 1983-84 season. That was back in the days when Dartmouth was the laughingstock of NCAA Division I, as exhibited by the 1986-87 team’s 0-17-1 start, which has to be one of the worst in the

Mid-Air Collision

Soccer, particularly the women’s variety, often gets classified as a “non-contact” sport. But if you ever get a close look at a Division I game, such as last Saturday’s hotly-contested clash between Harvard and visiting Dartmouth, you quickly realize that’s a misnomer. In the photo above, Dartmouth’s Holly Patterson drapes herself on Harvard’s Midge Purce while the Crimson’s Meg Casscells-Hamby has a face-to-face meeting with the ball. The trio wound up in a pile on the artficial turf.

Graupe Back in College Coaching

Mark Graupe, who became the interim Dartmouth College men’s basketball coach during the 2009-10 season, is back behind the bench, guiding NAIA member Dickinson (N.D.) State University women’s team. The North Dakota native took the gig in September, also on an interim basis, after predecessor Caleb Harrison, a New Zealand native, resigned in September following one year on the job. Harrison’s visa expired and he was unable to get it renewed in time to remain at DSU for his second season. Graupe had returned home

Insights by Harry Sheehy

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Dartmouth College athletic director Harry Sheehy on Wednesday and among other things, I asked him about the job status of football coach Buddy Teevens and the upcoming men’s and women’s basketball seasons. Here’s what the former men’s basketball coach and athletic director at Williams had to say: “I’ve told Buddy we’re going to get through the season and see where we are. Honestly, there’s no number (of games that have to be won). Other people

Not the Best of Times

These are not the best of times for Dartmoth College sports. Not the worst, certainly, but the Big Green is experiencing a slump. Before we describe what’s going wrong, however, we should note that the women’s cross country team won the Ivy League title for the first time since 1997 last week. It received another superlative performance by senior Abbey D’Agostino, who won the race going away and who is unquestionably one of the greatest Dartmouth athletes of all time. Athletic director Harry Sheehy said

Proudly Wearing Dad’s Glad Rags

The smiling gentleman above is 2013 Dartmouth graduate Andrew Jankowski, a former member of the Big Green golf team and the son of former Dartmouth hockey goaltender Jim Jankowski. That’s Jim’s old jersey Andrew is wearing. I snapped the shot last Saturday down at Harvard, where Andrew was watching the women’s soccer team lose to the Crimson. I first encountered Andrew and his historic sweater in the Burham Field men’s room. I’m sure he was thrilled to have a stranger approach him at a urinal