Big Green Sports Scene

Brian McCloskey Speaks

Former Dartmouth College hockey standout and assistant coach Brian McCloskey’s turbulant winter is examined in a Boston Globe story published and put online Wednesday. The diminutive and fiery bench boss was dismissed from his job as New Hampshire’s women’s coach in December after what a university press release described as “inappropriate physical contact with a player on the bench.” Of course, this led to questions about whether that contact was sexual, which both McCloskey and the school had since stated was not the case. There’s

Hoops Recruiting Site

I will be perfectly honest: I dislike college recruiting “news”. I put the word in quotes because while there is some genuine news on the topic, there’s also a whole lot of white noise. Player X is looking at schools A, B and C. He’s a 4-star recruit according to one recruting website, but only a 2-star according to one of its rivals. Player B was a 2-star recruit before school Z showed interest in him and now, overnight, he’s a 4-star prospect. And did

Social Media Gives Reasons for Pause

There were a couple of examples involving Dartmouth sports this week of how social media can take the reader or the poster in an unexpected direction. First came ominous Twitter postings by two current members of the Big Green women’s hockey team, plus another by a recent graduate of the program. They referred to junior forward Karlee Odland and expressed sympathy and sorrow, along with hashtags such as #takentoosoon and #ripKO. After studying them for a few minutes and turning over various scenarios in my

Golden Days

Wasn’t it last week that I wrote about how Dartmouth College basketball players John Golden and Alex Mitola weren’t the impact players the program had hoped they’d be? Check that. Last weekend, Golden scored 15 points against Pennsylvania and 19 against Princeton in a shocking Ivy League sweep. Mitola came up with 25 points against the Tigers and six against the Quakers. With All-Ivy center Gabas Maldunas out for the season because of a knee injury, those two guards have to be able to score

Throwback Friday

Who’s that young pup pictured in the upper right of the above photo? Why, it’s Dartmouth College men’s hockey coach Bob Gaudet, with a full head of dark hair and not far removed from his playing days as a netminder for the Big Green. I was digging around in a box the other day and came across a Big Green media guide from the mid-1980s. 1984-85, I think. So I took a quick photo of the pages with the coaches and staff on it. Jeff

Monday Notebook

Have you seen the video of last weekend’s game-ending ECAC brawl between the Rensselaer and Union men’s hockey teams? By professional standards it was only a skirmish, but you don’t often see fisticuffs like that at the college level. Dartmouth College forward Eric Neiley was recently suspended two games for a fairly light hit after the whistle that dropped a Cornell foe to the ice at the end of a game. It will be interesting to see how many games Union and RPI players get

Who Belongs On the Wall?

One of the nice features of Dartmouth College’s Thompson Arena is the use of enlarged photographs of prominent, former players from the school’s men’s and women’s hockey teams. They’re mounted on the walls of the arena’s concourse. I think the photos are great, but I have a bone to pick over how some of the players are portrayed. Three of the best men’s players are relegated to sharing a divided photo. Carey Wilson (1979-81) produced 427 points in 552 NHL games, but he’s forced to

Thompson Arena, Where Does it Rank?

During Dartmouth College hockey games at Thompson Arena, a public-address announcement is read that describes the facility as one of the finest in college hockey and asks fans to keep the arena clean. While the concrete barn, which opened in 1975, has aged with amazing grace, referring to it that way seems increasingly off the mark. Thompson’s boards, glass and the recently-updated humidity-control and ventilation system are all first-rate. It’s been kept clean and I haven’t heard any complaints about the ice in the five

Dr. Turco In a Previous Life

Dartmouth College athletes have been lucky over the years to have Dr. Jack Turco, a physician and associate professor of medicine at the college, at their disposal when hurt. Dr. Turco, who played hockey and baseball at Harvard, has been a fixture in Hanover for decades and was once a youth coach in both sports before his sons went on to stardom at Hanover High. I stumbled across this photo of him on recently. It appears to show him while an athlete at Melrose

Harrison to See Action?

Half an hour after the Dartmouth College men’s basketball team’s dispiriting loss to visiting Hartford on Tuesday, a lone Big Green player could be found practicing on the court. Freshman Cole Harrison, a 6 foot 10 center from Brentwood, Tenn., has yet to see college action after battling mononucleosis and losing significant weight during November and December. Harrison said he fell from 245 pounds to 210 while sick, but didn’t know he was ill until he’d already played through the virus for a month. By