Insights by Harry Sheehy

Dartmouth College athletic director Harry Sheehy watches the Big Green football team play in 2012. (Valley News - Tris Wykes)

Dartmouth College athletic director Harry Sheehy watches the Big Green football team play in 2012. (Valley News - Tris Wykes)

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Dartmouth College athletic director Harry Sheehy on Wednesday and among other things, I asked him about the job status of football coach Buddy Teevens and the upcoming men’s and women’s basketball seasons. Here’s what the former men’s basketball coach and athletic director at Williams had to say:

“I’ve told Buddy we’re going to get through the season and see where we are. Honestly, there’s no number (of games that have to be won). Other people may think there is but the way I look at it is this: we’ve got three big games left. One that we think we should win (Cornell) and two very tough games after that (Brown, Princeton).

“I want Buddy to feel like he can just coach the team and we’ll figure it out at the end of the (season). I don’t jump ahead. I don’t have a card that says how many games I think we should win every year. I just watch every game very closely. I thought falling down 13-0 to Harvard and having the resilience to come back (last weekend) was impressive.

“I like where we are in men’s basketball. I’ve seen them practice a bit and we’re much more competitive. I expect us to win some Ivy League games at home and I expect us to be a tougher out on the road. We have good players now and we just need the one great player who floats the boat. Wherever the next Alex Barnett is, that’s who we need to put with this group. I think Paul would be the first to say we don’t have that yet. (Note: Barnett earned the 2008-09 Ivy League Player of the Year award while a Dartmouth senior)

“I’ve said to (men’s basketball coach) Paul (Cormier) and Buddy that you don’t need to worry about being my guy. Just do your job. Become my guy. You always hear that when an athletic director takes a job, he’s going to want his own (head) coaches in football and basketball. I just don’t think in those terms.

“I’ve been particularly sensitive to not be around (men’s basketball) much. Paul has invited me in, but he’s got a job to do and I’m not going in to tell him I’ve got an out-of-bounds play for you. I coached the game and I may have approached it slightly differently than Paul, but there are tons of ways to win at basketball. I want to see good talent recruited and I want to see them play their rear end off.”