Man of Troy

Dartmouth College safety Andrew Donahue is looking to make a name for himself. And that name is Troy.

Yep, after three years in Hanover and being known as Andrew, Donahue is switching to a different moniker. It’s not his middle name, but it was his parents’ second choice for a first name.

“I’ve never like the name Andrew and when I was about 5 I asked my parents what they would have named me if they hadn’t chosen that name,” Donahue said. “My family and a lot of my friends back home (in Colorado) have known me as Troy since junior high.”

Rick Bender, Dartmouth’s media relations director, thought Donahue was pulling his leg when the player told him earlier this month he wanted to change his name in all Big Green documents and online references. But it was a serious request and Bender is honoring it.

Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens is a bit confused.

“People call him Troy or Andrew or Donnie,” said Teevens, whose given name is Eugene Francis Teevens III. “I just try to go with the flow.”

It was a given that Donahue’s teammates weren’t going to let the name change go without some grief. A post on his Facebook page from receiver Bo Patterson reads simply “Your name is Andrew” and quarterback Alex Park has taken to calling No. 7 by the name “Roy”.

Asked if he considered waiting a year or two until he started a job in a new city before altering his name, Donahue smiled. He hopes to make the change legal at some point.

“Yeah, maybe the timing wasn’t so great,” Donahue said. “But when Alex gets on me, I just call him Parks.”