75 Reasons To Love March Madness

1. Basketball from noon to midnight.

2. Going to a bar at 1 p.m. on a Thursday is seen as totally acceptable.

3. Going to a bar at 10 a.m. on a Thursday (to get a good seat) is seen as totally acceptable.

4. Finally getting around to using those sick days.

5. George Mason, 2006.

6. Bill Raftery.

7. Duke fans looking up “Schadenfreude” in the dictionary.

8. But Grant Hill to Christian Laettner was pretty cool.

9. Larry vs. Magic.

10. One Shining Moment.

11. Correctly calling that 13-4 upset.

12. Or that 12-5 upset.

13. Jim Valvano looking for someone to hug.

14. Bryce Drew beating Ole Miss for Valpo, 1998.

15. Bryce Drew, back in the NCAA tournament as Valpo’s coach.

16. Stephen Curry’s 30-point binge, 2008.

17. Phil’s mom making her picks on The Tony Kornheiser Show.

18. CBS announcers awkwardly reading promos for Hardcore Pawn and Lizard Lick Towing.

19. Scrambling to find out where TruTV is on your channel lineup.

20. VCU, 2011.

21. Butler, most years.

22. Villanova, 1985.

23. Texas Western, 1966.

24. Princeton beats UCLA, 1996.

25. Lehigh and Norfolk State winning as No. 15 seeds within 30 minutes of each other in 2012.

26. Doug McDermott.

27. Iona’s coaching staff rocking the sweatsuits on the sideline.

28. Nationally televised Jim Boeheim news conferences.

29. St. Bonaventure and Jacksonville have been to the Final Four.

30. The Boss Button.

31. UCLA’s 38-game NCAA tournament winning streak from 1964 to 1974.

32. Kelly Olynyk’s hair (and his game).

33. Western Kentucky’s terrifying mascot.

34. Florida Gulf Coast has a basketball team.

35. The guy (or girl) who runs the office pool: hero.

36. That moment before the tournament starts when your bracket is perfect.

37. Televised Jim Larranaga locker room pep talks.

38. When rallying teams lock arms on the bench.

39. Raised courts.

40. When someone takes a tumble off a raised court.

41. Tears of joy.

42. Tears of sorrow.

43. Tate George’s buzzer-beater, 1990.

44. Brittney Griner dunking.

45. Drew Nicholas’s buzzer-beater for Maryland, 2003.

46. UCLA’s Tyus Edney goes coast-to-coast vs. Missouri, 1995.

47. BYU’s Danny Ainge goes coast-to-coast vs. Notre Dame, 1981.

48. Trying to predict what Jim Nantz will say at the buzzer of the title game.

49. No. 15 seeds to win (Lehigh, Norfolk State, Hampton, Coppin State, Santa Clara, Richmond).

50. President Obama making his picks.

51. Watching the games at a Las Vegas sportsbook.

52. Fans of losing teams unloading their tickets.

53. Loyola of Chicago beating two-time defending champion Cincinnati, 1963.

54. Everything about James Madison’s Ray Goins.

55. Austin Carr averaging 52.7 points per game for Notre Dame in 1970.

56. Austin Carr averaging 41.7 points per game for Notre Dame in 1971.

57. Danny and the Miracles.

58. Marv Albert calling NCAA games.

59. Charles Barkley in the studio.

60. CBS’s constant reminders that the Masters is around the corner. “A tradition unlike any other.”

61. Joe Lunardi is rendered moot.

62. Dick Vitale is calling only Final Four games that are broadcast outside the U.S.

63. Victor Oladipo.

64. Trey Burke.

65. Otto Porter Jr.

66. Scrambling to get in just one more bracket before noon on Thursday.

67. Googling what a “Billiken” is.

68. Days that aren’t chalk, even when it kills your bracket.

69. One of these days, a No. 16 seed is going to beat a No. 1.

70. 68 teams is fine. 64 was better.

71. Teams congregating in a coach’s living room on Selection Sunday.

72. Selection Sunday.

73. No conference realignment in NCAA tournament.

74. CBS’s theme song is the only song you hear for three weeks.

75. That this all starts this week.