Security at the 118th Boston Marathon

Some of the security measures in place for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon today:

— More than 3,500 police officers — double the usual number — will be out along the 26.2-mile course, including undercover officers with special training.

— At least 100 strategically positioned video cameras will monitor the crowds.

— Spectators are asked to carry their belongings in clear plastic bags instead of backpacks.

— Spectators who do bring backpacks will be subject to a search.

— Coolers, quilts and other bulky items are discouraged.

— Security will be especially tight close to the finish line.

— More than 50 observation points will be set up near the finish line to monitor the crowd.

— Unregistered runners known as bandits won’t be allowed to participate.

— The Associated Press


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