Audio Slideshow: Unplugged On the Mall

At the dimming of the day -- earlier and earlier now -- the very idea of retreating to Lebanon’s Salt hill Pub for a few hours of unplugged, traditional Celtic music warms the heart of Don McKibbin. “I used to go every Tuesday night, but haven’t been as much lately,” says the 87-year-old West Lebanon resident whose friends call him The Don. “I have to get back to going more regularly.” And back to where the sound, and the people whom the weekly acoustic sessions

Audio Slideshow: A Way of Life On the Block

The possessions on display outside Tink Camp’s childhood home tell the story of a life: The basket filled with Randolph Town Reports that Camp’s mother saved, the wooden desks from the neighboring one-room schoolhouse he attended as a boy, the sign proclaiming “Reg. Holsteins Campstead Farm” once planted outside the house where Camp spent his married years, just a couple doors down from the home where he was raised. And then there are the 67 cows he cared for with his business partner of several

Audio Slideshow: Croydon's Well Is a Popular Gathering Place

Lee Archambeault pulled up to the Croydon Volunteer Fire Department one afternoon last week, steering his red pickup truck past the fire station and the Smokey the Bear and Thursday night bingo signs to the edge of the dirt lot. There, with a Marlboro dangling from his mouth, Archambeault, 69, takes out half a dozen empty orange juice jugs from his front seat, props his leg up on the concrete wall guarding the town's well, and fills the jugs with fresh water. The water runs

Audio Slideshow: The 1,400-Pound Pedicure

The orange running lights on Joel Messier’s truck glow in the pre-dawn fog on a recent Wednesday as he grabs a cup of coffee inside the East Randolph general store he owns. Moments later, he is in the cab of his Super Duty F-350 on his way up Chelsea Mountain Road for another day of cow tipping. After 18 years of trimming hooves, the spectacle of strapping a 1,400-pound Holstein into a hydraulic chute and tipping the animal on its side over the bed of