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A Premium Perch

After I photographed Chloe Thompson, 13, and her mother Lauren Hurlburt at Stone Farm last month, they showed me around their Cornish farm. While looking in on a stall of lambs, I turned to see a head rising above the stall door behind me. It was a goat named Willow, perched atop a ram named Mongo, a habit the Hurlburts had not yet been able to capture on a camera and which I was lucky to see. ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Wednesday at

Getting the Whole Story at the Britton Lumber Fire

I had just settled in to watch one more episode of Gilmore Girls before going to bed Saturday night when I got the call from the editor of our Sunday paper. There is a fire at a lumberyard in Fairlee. It’s big. We need you to cover it. I flew into action, changing out of my sweatpants, throwing on warm layers, all with adrenaline pumping in my veins. Just a few hours earlier, one of my coworkers listened as I complained about not getting the

24 Finalists Selected in “Valley News” 2015 Amateur Photography Contest

A panel of Valley News judges looked at 405 entries for the 2015 Valley News Amateur Photography Contest, narrowing them down to 24 finalists, shown above. The finalists were displayed at the HomeLife Expo at Leverone Field House in Hanover on March 20-22. Visitors cast 764 ballots to choose first, second and third places. The winners will appear in the Sunday Valley News.

Hoop Dreams

It’s no secret. I love basketball. I guess attending University of North Carolina — an NCAA Division I basketball powerhouse — can have that effect on someone. UNC-Chapel Hill has won five NCAA Championships, played in 18 Final Four games and produced such legendary players and coaches as Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Or maybe it’s simply in my blood. My parents did watch the 1990 NCAA Final Four on their wedding night. Regardless of the cause, I love basketball. For that reason, it’s been

Coming Sunday: Portraits of Sugar Makers

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve traversed the Upper Valley to photograph and interview local sugar makers and find out how they learned the craft of making maple syrup. The highlight for me was having a firsthand look in the education process, as I documented fifth-graders learning the sugaring process at the Pomfret School. Each student was equally captivated with learning which trees can be tapped for syrup (many more than I had previously thought, including red, silver, and sugar maples, ironwood, birch, and box

Oscars at the Rev: ‘An Excuse to Get Dressed Up’ (6 Photos)

Kim Souza, owner of Revolution, was sick of hearing, “This is a beautiful dress, but where would I wear it?” So in 2008 after a friend suggested the idea, Souza decided to host a black-tie Academy Awards party at the small clothing boutique in White River Junction. Since then, the party has ballooned into a large-scale annual event. On Sunday night, the eighth Oscar’s party at Revolution garnered more than a hundred attendees. Partygoers, dressed in tuxes and evening gowns, gathered in the lobby of

Waiting for the Verdict (4 Photos)

The jury in the trial of James Robarge — the Charlestown man charged with killing his wife in 2013 — weighed the evidence for about 12 hours over three days before reaching a guilty verdict of second-degree murder last week. Time passed slowly in the courtroom, which was sparsely populated by journalists and court officers, as the jury deliberated. Robarge waited in a holding cell elsewhere in the Sullivan Superior Courthouse in Newport. The following are a few scenes from the court during that time.

Photo Blog: Fighting the Bethel Fire

When Bethel firefighters arrived at the home of Arlene St. Pierre at about 8 a.m. last Friday, the house, garage, and barn were being consumed by flame as temperatures remained below zero. By noon, the birds that frequented St. Pierre’s feeders had resumed their feeding. ∎ Posted to the Valley Visual blog Tuesday at 4:40 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

Winter’s Absence of Color (2 Photos)

Believe it or not, both of these photos are not black and white. The late winter afternoons left the landscapes devoid of color, allowing graphic images to be made. While winter may not be my favorite time as a photographer due to cold hands, dead camera batteries, and tough driving, there’s many opportunities unique to the season for photographs to be made. ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Thursday at 4:15 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

Self-taught Teamster

Brooke Moses, of Tunbridge, reaches up to pet her ox, Sylvester, after feeding him at Seize the Day Farm in Tunbridge. Moses keeps two yoke of oxen at the farm, where she also works. Moses said she trained the teams herself and mostly taught herself how to do it. Valley News — Sarah Priestap ∎  Posted to the Valley Visual blog Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.