Letter: The Wrong Way to Legislate

To the Editor:

I have no doubt that Matt Miller (“Thanks to Republican Intransigence, It’s All About 2016 Now,” July 26) is a very smart person. His column , however, is nothing more than an articulate complaint that the House GOP has delayed Barack Obama’s schedule for turning the United States into Detroit. Why doesn’t Miller just move to Detroit and experience utopia now?

Obamacare is being criticized and dismantled, even by its original proponents, not because they don’t like the people who voted for it, but rather because it will produce increased costs that are unsustainable.

The proper way to legislate is to come to an agreement about a desirable outcome that is sustainable and create laws that will deliver it, not to pass a law first, a la Nancy Pelosi “we’ve got to pass it before we can read it,” and see if you like the outcome it produces.

Albert Reavill



Column: Thanks to Republican Intransigence, It’s All About 2016 Now

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It wasn’t the House Republicans’ refusal to take up the president’s jobs plan before the last election. Or their reckless games with the debt ceiling when Paul Ryan’s budget called for trillions in fresh debt itself. Or House intransigence when it comes to the Senate’s bipartisan immigration fix. Or even its recent call to nix high, common school standards. Not …