Letter: The Abortion-Mass Murder Link

To the Editor:

Regarding Bill Walsh’s Jan. 8 Forum letter (“Our Culture of Death”), I reply to his question about why people don’t see the correlation between the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion and the 400 percent increase of mass murders in this country.

Indeed, I do see a very strong correlation, and I, too, weep as we consider the mass murder of schoolchildren in Newtown.

Thank you, Bill Walsh, for your exhortation for our nation to return to God.

I submitted a letter to the editor of another newspaper on the same subject in the late ’70s. That newspaper had printed several letters asking why this country was suddenly experiencing mass murders. My letter pointed out that because of the mass murder of our unborn children by abortion, some people had decided that human lives are not of much or any value.

My letter was longer, but Walsh covered it well.

I received only verbal replies to my letter. A few could see the correlation between abortion and mass murder, but most said that it was quite a stretch. The Roe v. Wade decision on abortion has now been law for nearly 40 years. I close this letter with a part of Psalm 94:3, “Lord, how long will the wicked; How long will the wicked triumph?”

Charlie Astbury



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