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Letter: Our Corrupt Congress

To the Editor:

I read “10 Weird Parts of ‘Cliff’ Deal,” a Washington Post article in the Jan. 3 Valley News, and it infuriated me, so I decided to write a Forum letter expressing my anger. An hour later, my wife asked me if this list was a joke. Then I felt it was a joke and these comedy items simply made fun of the U.S. Congress and its low ratings in various surveys. Then I changed my mind again and switched back to my long-held belief that our Congress is corrupt and stupid and believes it can get away with anything. Loyalty is important, isn’t it?

Gary Richardson



10 Weird Parts of ‘Cliff’ Deal

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Washington — Here are 10 of the more curious tax provisions in the fiscal cliff bill: 1. A $9 billion “sop for Wall Street banks and major multinationals.” Section 322 of the bill allows manufacturers and banks to defer taxes when they engage in a special type of financial transactions known as “active financing.” The break costs $9 billion per …