Letter: Mourning All Children’s Deaths

To the Editor:

Listening to the president speaking sadly about the 20 children killed in Newtown, Conn., has made his usual hypocrisy dreadful beyond belief. As horrifying as the Newtown mass murder of small children is, how come Barack Obama’s heart does not grieve for the children around the world whose deaths, he, as commander in chief of the United States, has been responsible for — in numbers far exceeding 20?

Bombs, bullets, missiles, depleted uranium, starvation due to sanctions, lack of medical care, contaminated water, land mines, cluster bombs, white phosphorus and, now, drones — to name only some of the ways the U.S. kills children every day.

As long as a president can mourn for a few children at home while turning a blind eye to the millions of children whose killing is mostly the responsibility of the United States, there is little hope for children anywhere.

As Howard Zinn said, “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

Norman Emmons