Letter: Don’t Blame Only Israel

To the Editor:

Israel is the problem???

Both sides, Hamas and Israel, bear responsibility for the relationship that exists between them. Granted, Palestinians were dislocated and dispossessed as the result of the state of Israel coming to be. How many nations were birthed that way, including the U.S.? It has been over 60 years, and there is a reality called Israel. Israel has a responsibility to, as fairly as possible, accommodate the grievances of the Palestinians, but that accommodation cannot be the destruction and annihilation of Israel, and that is what Hamas wants. If Hamas wants peace, why doesn’t it agree to accept Israel’s right to exist and then Israel will be forced to compromise. But why compromise with a group that is at war with and fires on your citizens and seeks to destroy you? Hamas is the problem, and its members bring ruin on themselves and their people. The ball is in their court.

Joe Silver