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Forum, June 19: Patronizing Shoppers; Poor Hillary Clinton; The Omniscient President

Yes, They Really Are Patronizing

To the Editor:

The rich and famous of Hanover, Norwich, et al., are not being candid when they say why they prefer to shop at the Co-op. For many of them, the real reason is that the Co-op’s higher prices for so-called organic and other snooty foods mean they don’t have to rub elbows with the unwashed needy who find better values at Wal-Mart. It’s crass warfare, folks.

Scott Witt

West Lebanon

Poor Hillary Clinton

To the Editor:

Did I miss something? The Clintons were indigent when Bill Clinton left the presidency. He is realizing as much as $700,000 for one speech and we have millions of families in America receiving less than a quarter of that annually who live modestly. Hillary Clinton says they must earn a lot to pay their tax assessment. Has she lost track of the fact that if your income is astronomical so are your taxes? Which brings us to the $6 million dollar mansion in Chappaqua, N.Y. How many U.S. citizens live in such luxurious surroundings?

If you are struggling financially, do you purchase such an exquisite residence?

If Hillary Clinton runs for and is elected to the presidency, how will she, as the saying goes, “make ends meet” on the pittance (comparatively speaking) that the highest office in the U.S. offers as compensation?

It is not easy to understand how the millions of Americans who live from day to day (and paycheck to paycheck) could vote for a person so out of touch with reality as Hillary Clinton appears to be. I would not label her among the struggling citizens of America. Over-spending achiever seems more appropriate.

Gordon M. Stone

West Lebanon

Collaboration, not Cronyism

To the Editor:

I filed for Lebanon state representative again last week, along with my colleagues George Sykes, Andy White and Rich Abel (replacing Laurie Harding, who cannot afford the time next term). This current term has had many challenges, but we met them, sometimes in collaboration with House Republican colleagues and our governor (resolving the hospital tax crisis) and sometimes in opposition, opposed to one (expanding Medicaid) or the other (defeating a casino). To pass anything, we had to work with the Republican senate, and both bodies proved capable of compromise on at least some issues critical to the state.

I cannot let pass a chance to respond to Mr. Walker’s Forum letter on June 16 attacking Gov. Maggie Hassan for “crony capitalism.” His prime example is contrary to the facts: because of laws passed last term by the O’Brien-Morse Legislature, the Department of Insurance was forbidden to cooperate with the Affordable Care Act, resulting in a single insurer on the exchange this year. The governor worked to overturn this ban, and now five insurers have signed up to compete on the exchange starting in October, the most I can remember we’ve ever had for our small state.

During the 2011-12 Legislature, Speaker O’Brien backed a serious attempt to pass Rep. Marilinda Garcia’s bill exempting Cancer Centers of America, which takes no under-insured or charity patients, from the taxes and regulatory structure every other hospital must comply with. That is crony capitalism. It is also unconstitutional in New Hampshire.

I regret to report that The Associated Press’ Norma Love, who for decades has been the most accurate and thorough reporter in the State House, is retiring in a few days.

There will be a valley-wide legislative wrap-up sponsored by the League of Women Voters at the Howe Library at 7 p.m. tonight, and I hope we can arrange something in Lebanon again before campaigns are in full swing.

Susan Almy


Not a True Christian?

To the Editor:

I strongly agree with the letters from Mark Latham (“No Defense of Police Commissioner,” May 27) and Dot Murphy (“He Did the Right Thing,” May 27) applauding the resignation of the Wolfeboro, N.H., police commissioner who used racist language to describe President Obama.

However, I was disturbed by Murphy describing people like the commissioner as “not true Christians.” I think in expressing herself this way, she’s showing her own prejudice against non-Christians.

I would suggest that the second sentence of her second paragraph be rewritten thus: “People who believe they are better than others because of the color of their skin or sex preference or where they came from or their religion all show their ignorance.”

Cynthia S. Thompson


The Omniscient President

To the Editor:

If only someone could have foreseen the fall of Mosul we could have done something to prevent the potential fall of Iraq. Oh, wait a minute, everyone saw this coming except our know-it-all president.

Jim Newcomb

North Haverhill