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Letter: Burying the GMO Story

To the Editor:

A relative in Pottsville, Pa., said the GMO victory in Vermont was on the front page of her newspaper. Not here! The Valley News puts the stupidest things on the front page; but GMO food labeling, a significant accomplishment and historic event, was buried inside. Just think how many more people would have become curious about labeling for genetically modified organisms in food if the story had run on the front page.

Like the legislators who voted against the labeling bill, the editors of the Valley News are not supporting the people and interests of Vermonters. They are actually helping corporate corruption to continue. Had they researched the history of Monsanto and the origins of GMOs and how they were never properly approved, had they learned about the devastation they cause to health, organic farming and the environment, they would have known why GMO labeling is worth demanding.

When it comes time to outlaw the planting of genetically modified crops, I fear that these legislators will still barely know what a GMO actually is. The same goes for the editors of the Valley News. Let us not re-elect people who do not serve us. Let us not support newspapers that do not care about the interests of the Vermont people and do not know what is significant and what isn’t.

Many thanks to the legislators who did their homework and listened to the voices of the people, as they should, and to the faithful leaders and members of Rural Vermont, Northeast Organic Farming Association and VPIRG.

Judith A. Persin