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A Point About Points Earned During High School Sports Tourneys

Last month, the Woodsville High girls basketball team — which competes in Division IV, the lowest of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association’s four levels — knocked off three Division III teams at the InterLakes High holiday tournament in Meredith, N.H. Pretty sweet for them, right? Just one catch: The NHIAA doesn’t recognize holiday tourneys in the standings, despite the time and effort that goes into staging these events for hoop-hungry fans home for the holidays who want to see their alma mater in action.

Wednesday Web Update: Jury Visits Murder Scene

Charlestown — The trial of James Robarge, accused of killing his estranged wife, began in Sullivan County Superior Court this morning, where 15 jurors piled onto a bus to visit key locations in the case. Kelly Robarge, a Charlestown resident, was discovered dead in a wooded area off of Britton Road in Unity more than a week after she went missing in June 2013. Robarge is charged with first- and second-degree murder in her death. Jurors visited that location and two others today, including the

Coming Sunday: A Day in the Life of a Senior Center

North Haverhill — Feet. Of all the things I figured might be out of reach in old age, I never considered those two crucial appendages. Yet foot care becomes increasingly important in our later years, as I learned recently while reporting an upcoming story about the Horse Meadow senior center in North Haverhill. As a quick subsequent Google search revealed, the skin and fat pads on the feet become thinner with age, leaving the feet vulnerable to all sorts of trouble. And diseases such as

Firefighters Battle Heavy Fire Thursday Morning at Old Base Lodge at Ascutney Mountain Ski Area (VIDEO)

Brownsville — Firefighters from the Upper Valley this morning are battling a fire at the old base lodge at the former Ascutney Mountain Resort. Crews have spent more than five hours at the scene, and subzero temperatures have hampered their response. Fresh crews from Hanover, Lebanon and Hartford are being called in to relieve firefighters. Temperatures in Brownsville were around 10 below zero early this morning. Firefighters hoped to lay frozen hose on a floor with radiant heat to help thaw it out. Voters at

Video: Verbal Sparring Over 'Underlings' at Hartford Meeting

Hartford — The town’s Information Night on Monday devolved into “must-see TV,” at least if you’re into local government dust-ups, for a short period toward the end of the evening. CATV’s video of the annual gathering leading up to Town Meeting is at this link. The commotion begins around the hour-and-40-minute mark, when School Board member Paul Keane complained that a hockey coach had been poorly treated when the coach submitted a proposal regarding locker rooms in the recently remodeled Wendell A. Barwood Arena, and

'Missing Pets of the Upper Valley' Founder Urges Caution During Frigid Cold

Earlier this week, one of our editors showed up to the newsroom with a big bandage on his forehead. He’d been out at his woodpile before work and took a wrong step, and slipped all the way down his back yard, 20 feet or so, into a gully. The snow was completely crusted over in ice and there was nothing to stop his head-first slide. Apparently he’s not the only one. A quick glimpse at the Missing Pets of the Upper Valley Facebook page shows

Fire Guts Home in Newport

Newport — Firefighters are at the scene of a fire that has gutted a home on Church Street this morning. Multiple departments from the Newport region have been toned out in the cold temperatures. ∎ Posted online Tuesday at 11:10 a.m. Find a full report in Wednesday's Valley News and follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.

An Extra Edition of Raise Your Glass: Fred Franzia and Cheap Wines

For some years now, one of my favorite house wines, the ones you drink for no special occasion, has been Crane Lake cabernet sauvignon. It’s really cheap — $8.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle — and it tastes good, dry and amazingly complex. I’m not wild about the Crank Lake merlot or the pinot grigio, but I just recently discovered the Chardonnay, a crisp, dry and slightly fruity wine, also $8.99 for the big bottle. It is very nice for regular drinking during the winter

Shumlin Won’t Seek Single Payer Health in 2015

Montpelier — Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he’s not going to ask lawmakers to pass a single-payer health care system in the upcoming session of the state Legislature. Shumlin made the announcement today at the Vermont Statehouse. Shumlin says he likes the idea, but “this is not the right time.” It’s unclear if he might resurrect the idea in the future. Shumlin had planned to release his financing plan at the end of the month for what would have become the nation’s first single-payer health

Holy Cow: In 40 Years at the Sports Editor’s Desk, One Letter from a Dartmouth Alum Stands Out

Imagine what it must be like for me, after 40 years of sitting at the sports editor’s desk, to start going through the papers that have accumulated. There were letters from outraged Red Sox fans who hated my Yankee bias; a fax from an investment bank offering to set the newspaper up with a company looking to invest $300 million, and then, of course, the infamous letter from former Dartmouth College admissions czar Karl Furstenberg that commiserated with a Swarthmore colleague about how football was