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‘Valley News’ Seeks Your Perspective of JFK Assassination

A smiling President John. F. Kennedy sits next to his wife, Jackie, in the back of a convertible Lincoln Continental as his motorcade travels through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Moments later, the president is mortally wounded and America’s innocence is shattered. The Valley News wants to know if the events of that day 50 years ago — and the chaotic, somber days that followed — changed your view of the world. Were you among the shocked and grieving millions, or do you know of

Center for Cartoon Studies Alumnus Gives Faces to Syrian Conflict

If you were listening to New Hampshire Public Radio last night, you may have heard a San Francisco Bay-area journalist talking about his pen-and-ink cartoons drawing attention to the human side of the Syrian conflict. Turns out that cartoonist is Andy Warner, a 2012 alumnus of White River Junction’s Center for Cartoon Studies who was co-founder and co-editor of Irene comics magazine, taking on the name of the 2011 tropical storm. He also has spent time in Lebanon (of the Middle East variety, not “03766”)

'Times' Video Profiles Thetford's Carmen Tarleton

The New York Times last week published a video profiling Thetford’s Carmen Tarleton and the progress she’s made since undergoing face transplant surgery in February. The Times staff spent time with Tarleton earlier this month, and the result is a 7-minute video that is at once interesting, compelling and — I thought — very moving. In February, Tarleton became the fifth person to receive a full face transplant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Her estranged husband beat her and doused her in industrial

Gory Daze in White River Junction Tomorrow: See You There

What are you doing tomorrow night? Dancing around White River Junction in the Gory Daze Parade and subsequent Q Ball, maybe? If so, I’ll see you there! I haven’t decided on a costume yet, but if you see any dinosaurs or table lamps, one of them might be me. The annual Halloween-themed event kicks off around 6 p.m. at the Main Street Museum with a town-sponsored egg hunt for young’uns across the street at Veterans Park. But the parade is really scheduled to get going

$10,000 Reward Offered in Claremont Robbery Case

Claremont — The Route 12 credit union that was robbed earlier this month is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the thief. Meanwhile, Claremont Police have released surveillance video screen shots of the Oct. 11 robbery at One Credit Union. (View the screen shots at the top of this blog post.) Police have described the suspect as having the following characteristics: ∎ Caucasian male in his 30s ∎ Between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-10 with an “average” build ∎ Brown hair and eyebrows ∎ Has

Have You Seen This Car Driving Around Hanover?

Hanover — It’s named Deserto and it’s driven by the Sun God. No, really! Jonathan James Recor earned his master’s degree in creative writing at Dartmouth College in 2011, but you probably would remember him better as the Sun God, his elaborate costumed persona when he was a student on campus. (See photos on Recor’s Flickr stream here and watch the Valley News’ audio slideshow from 2010 below.) He now lives in Connecticut and works in New York City, but he’s been traveling back to

29 Wolf-Hybrids Rescued From Alexandria, N.H. Mountaintop

Alexandria, N.H. — Almost 30 wolf-hybrids, the controversial animals also known as wolf-dogs, were rescued from a remote mountaintop property this week in a 16-day operation led by the Upper Valley Humane Society with support from at least five local law enforcement agencies and national and regional animal welfare groups. The owner of the animals had been evicted from the property, said Deborah Turcott, executive director of the Upper Valley Humane Society, who called her time with the animals “my own Dances With Wolves.” “It

Bucy’s Plans for White River Junction: What Do You Think?

You may have seen today’s article about 21 affordable apartments that developer Matt Bucy has planned for the old American Legion Hall in White River Junction. The story refers to some data gathered by the Upper Valley Housing Coalition; if you’d like to take a look for yourself, here’s the link. (Download the first PowerPoint presentation from the fall 2013 business leaders breakfast.) What do you think about Bucy’s plans for the building? Email me at ■  Posted to the Upper Valley Dispatch blog Thursday

How Does Congress Square Up Against Zombies, Hemorrhoids, Jury Duty and Public Radio Fundraising Drives?

Not very well, according to the latest automated telephone survey by Public Policy Polling, which shows that Americans’ approval rating of Congress has plummeted to a measly 8 percent. But we do favor Congress over twerking, heroin and Charles Manson, so there’s that. ■  Posted to the Upper Valley Dispatch blog Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. Maggie Cassidy can be reached at

Downtown Hanover Meter Fees Scheduled to Increase This Week

Installation of much-talked about new parking meters is underway in Hanover, and officials expect that motorists will see increased parking fees in some downtown spaces by Thursday morning. Hanover Police Lt. Patrick O’Neill, the parking division supervisor, said today that workers have almost finished replacing the “housings,” or outer hardware, of the meters, and the inner mechanisms should be installed by end-of-day Wednesday. The new meters accept both cash and credit cards, although credit card transaction carry an additional 20-cent fee to offset transaction charges