Local Drive-ins Miss the Mark in National Voting Contest for Free Projectors

Just a quick note to say that the drive-in theaters in Fairlee and Bethel, which were in the running to win a free digital projector based on votes from around the country, did not make the cut. Honda’s Project Drive-in campaign had planned on donating five projectors, but ended up donating nine — yet the winning theater closest to the Upper Valley is the Saco Drive-In Theater, located south of Portland, Maine.

I wrote about the contest in an earlier blog post here. Theaters across the country that are still using film projectors will need to replace them soon as movie distributors will no longer distribute films on 35 mm rolls, but it’s a pricey proposition: The folks at the Fairlee Motel & Drive-in Theater told me last year that they’re trying to raise $70,000 for the purchase alone, which doesn’t take into account maintenance costs or potential upgrades.

The Fairlee theater and Bethel’s Randall Drive-In Theatre are continuing their own independent fundraising efforts. Scroll to the bottom of my original post for some links.

Posted to the Upper Valley Dispatch blog Friday at 1:20 p.m. Maggie Cassidy can be reached at mcassidy@vnews.com.