Norwich Reservoir Replenished With Temporary Fix

Norwich — The reservoir that supplies the Norwich Fire District has been replenished after an electrician this weekend temporarily rigged a generator to the burned-out pump station, where the electrical system was destroyed in a fire last week.

However, officials are asking customers to continue conserving water as workers progress toward a permanent fix.

“Obviously we still want to stress with people that we’re still very limited, we’re still very tentative as far as filling the reservoir,” District Administrator Brion McMullan said Monday. “We’re operating out of a burned-out building. Not the best of conditions.”

The weekend’s developments make a “boil water order” unlikely.

McMullan said officials and workers are “feeling our way” after they “jury-rigged” the pump and generator together, and the temporary fix is not a permanent solution. McMullen said he also met with a contractor Monday about cleaning out some of the debris left by the fire and sealing a gaping hole in the roof’s building sometime this week. The town will continue to update residents through poster boards downtown, the town-wide email Listserv, and local media, he said.