Watch Out — It’s Windy Out There!

You probably don’t need to look at a computer screen to figure out that the weather outside is gross. But in case you haven’t peered out the window just yet: It’s gross!

More scientifically, the National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning and several other advisories for Lebanon and surrounding New Hampshire towns. The notice warns that strong gusts capable of bringing down trees and wires will be possible throughout the day.

Once you plug a Vermont zip code, like White River Junction, into the National Weather Service’s database, the advisories’ severity decreases a little bit — but no doubt it will be windy in the Green Mountain State today, too.

Stay dry, stay safe, and don’t forget your rain boots. And unless you’re feeling like Mary Poppins, think twice before opening that umbrella!

Afternoon update: Not so "gross" anymore — in fact, it was pretty sunny here in West Lebanon for a while! But the wind is roaring and the police scanner has been peppered with reports of trees blocking roads throughout the Upper Valley; in fact, the National Weather Service has added a few new local weather warnings. Look for more in tomorrow's Valley News.