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Weekend Picks: Apples, Apples, Pumpkins

There isn’t much that represents the bounty of fall in the Upper Valley better than apples. This weekend, two towns will hold festivals dedicated to the perfect-for-picking fruit, and a third will pay homage the apple’s larger, considerably more orange fall friend. Here are some activities to check out. — The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce will hold its 33rd annual Vermont Apple Festival from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., at Riverside Middle School, 16 Fairground Road. There will be pony and amusement rides for kids, a

Watch: Stephen Colbert Tackles Dartmouth’s Football Robot

Well, it finally happened. Stephen Colbert tackled Dartmouth’s robotic football dummy. (Read more about the dummy and its appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night here and here.) During an on-show interview before the tackle last night, Colbert was impressed by Dartmouth football coach Buddy Teevens’ assertion that using the Mobile Virtual Players during practice — instead of having players tackle each other — has reduced injuries by 80 percent, and the late-night personality had a request for the folks from the

Simple Survey: What Are Your Family’s Nursing Home Experiences?

Valley News health care reporter Rick Jurgens is working on a series of about nursing homes in the Twin States and would like to hear about Upper Valley residents’ experiences when seeking care for themselves, their families and their friends. If you have stories or information that might assist Jurgens' reporting, please fill out the brief survey below and click “submit” when done. (Click here for a mobile-friendly version of the survey.) Jurgens may follow up with you if he has additional questions. The information

Dartmouth Football Coach, Robots to Appear on Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Thursday

Hanover — If all goes as planned, the nation will watch Stephen Colbert try to tackle a Dartmouth College-born robotic creation on TV Thursday night, when a Dartmouth graduate and the school’s football coach will also share The Late Show stage. “We’re trying to get ready for what Colbert throws at us,” Thayer School of Engineering graduate Elliot Kastner, who will head to New York City with coach Buddy Teevens Thursday to film the show, said in an interview this afternoon. “You’ve got to be

The Science Behind Autumn Colors (PDF)

A story we ran recently about the impact of the weather on the foliage season included this interesting tidbit: “What makes New England leaf-peeping special are the red and purple pigments, called anthocyanins, which are manufactured by certain species from sugars that are trapped in the leaf.” That reminded Shawn Braley, Valley News illustrator, about a graphic he made for our Valley Parents magazine in 2009 explaining the science behind autumn colors. He dug it up out of the archives for a second look. For

Falling Rocks Blamed in Vermont Train Derailment

Northfield, Vt. — Vermont safety officials have responded to an Amtrak train derailment near Northfield this morning. State officials said 102 people were on board the southbound train, including four crew members. Seven people have been hospitalized with injuries, including one taken by helicopter to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. It appears to have been caused by a rockslide. "It was a matter of ledge that landed in the track ... an act of nature," Gov. Peter Shumlin said at a news conference. Find a full report

Interactive Map of Upper Valley Flu Shot Locations

This map created by the Valley News shows locations for Upper Valley flu shot clinics for fall 2015. It will be updated as additional information is received. Click each colored pin for information about the time of the clinic, age restrictions, costs and more. To submit another flu shot clinic, please email pertinent details to calendar@vnews.com. HOW TO USE THIS MAP: Click the white square to the left of the map title to expand that column. Check or uncheck the boxes in the column to

Enfield Costume Designer Takes ‘Best In Show’ at N.H. Comic Con

Enfield — In more than 40 years of costume designing, Enfield’s Rebecca Stewart has received recognition for her work from friends and associates in the industry — but nothing quite like what happened when she and her husband, David Stewart, wore the Red Queen and Mad Hatter costumes she designed (pictured above) to Granite State Comic Con 2015 last month. That’s where Rebecca Stewart, who operates Pins & Needles Garment Co., out of her home studio, won Best In Show for the complementary pieces —

Dartmouth Replaces Newly Hired Native American Program Director

Hanover — Susan Taffe Reed, Dartmouth College’s newly hired director of its Native American Program, is no longer in that job. A college spokeswoman says “the distraction around her appointment prevents her from effectively serving in this role. It does not prevent her from contributing to Dartmouth in other ways and we are currently exploring opportunities with her.” Native American groups had questioned Taffe Reed’s representation of her heritage and tribal affiliation. Find a full report in Friday’s ‘Valley News.’ ∎ Posted online Thursday. Follow

Seldon Technologies Lays Off All Windsor Employees

Windsor — Water purification device maker Seldon Technologies unexpectedly shut down operations Monday, laying off all 32 workers at its Windsor facility, according to former employees. The news came after the staff was called to a morning meeting with a representative from the board of directors, who told employees that the company was unable to secure funding to continue operating. Find a full report in Tuesday’s ‘Valley News.’ ∎ Posted online Monday at 7:10 p.m. Follow the Valley News on Twitter @VNewsUV.