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Jim Kenyon

Jim Kenyon: Drinking to The Past

It’s often said that you can’t change history. Trying to move history probably isn’t a good idea, either. The piece of history I’m talking about is a large granite water trough that has sat on the village of South Royalton’s main street for more than 100 years. “It’s such a defining feature when you enter the village,” said John Dumville, president of the Royalton Historical Society. “It’s a landmark.” But apparently some people in town consider the trough, once an oasis for horses, something of

Jim Kenyon: Hanover High School’s ‘Super Senior’

The colleges that students from Hanover High School’s Class of 2015 will attend include the usual abundance of academic heavyweights. In looking over the list, I counted 10 students who were bound for Ivy League schools, four more headed to Middlebury College and another to Stanford. Rachel Fried (pronounced freed) doesn’t show up anywhere on the list. But when it comes to the student who worked the hardest and overcame the most, she might well be at the top of the list. Rachel was 13

Jim Kenyon: Co-op Misses the Big Picture

It’s not as if we needed another example of how thoughtless the management at the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society can be, but just in case there were any doubts, here’s something I stumbled upon: On Tuesday, eight days after Caren Giaccone — who worked in the deli department at the Lebanon Co-op for 18 years — was shown the door, I stopped by the supermarket in Centerra Marketplace. I was surprised to find a photo of Giaccone tacked top row and center to the large

Jim Kenyon: College’s Liquor ‘Ban’ — With a Twist

Dartmouth’s campuswide ban on hard alcohol, which went into effect a few months ago, is probably a worthwhile experiment. It just doesn’t go far enough. By that I mean across the street and a few miles down the road. I’m not suggesting the college join the temperance movement. But it should stop profiting from the sale of hard liquor while it tries to persuade students that they don’t have to spend Saturday nights throwing down shots to have a good time. That would mean no

Jim Kenyon: Hanover Co-op Strikes Again

Caren Giaccone, who turns 65 next month, worked in the deli and prepared foods department at the Co-op’s grocery store in Lebanon for 18 years. Until Sunday morning, when she showed up for her shift and two managers stopped her at the door. Anyone who has followed the disturbing saga of the Co-op for the last year or so probably knows where this is headed. It’s not uncharted territory for management of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society: An older, longtime worker speaks out at a

Jim Kenyon: The Root of the Problem

After meeting Lisa Simon in downtown White River Junction a few days ago, I can’t stop thinking about teeth. I blame Simon. She’s very passionate about teeth, which might be expected, considering she graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine just last year. But Simon’s interest in dentistry goes beyond crowns and root canals. When she looks into a patient’s mouth, she also sees income inequality, lack of access to affordable health care and the hardscrabble lives that many people endure daily. That’s because

Jim Kenyon: The Big Eraser

In Vermont, a young adult who commits a misdemeanor of a nonviolent nature — shoplifting, for instance — is likely to face just a fine. Since no jail time is involved, the offenses, often chalked up to youthful mistakes, may not seem like a big deal. But as former Windsor County state’s attorney Bobby Sand tells first-year students in his criminal law class at Vermont Law School, “There’s no such thing as a minor crime.” With a conviction comes a criminal record. And that often

Jim Kenyon: Hired Gun Joins Thetford Range Debate

As a deer hunter, although not a very successful one, I can appreciate the Upper Valley Fish & Game Club’s desire to preserve tradition at the gun range that it has operated on town land in Thetford for nearly 40 years. In a rural community, it’s important to have a safe place where sportsmen and -women can practice before hunting season, where beginners can be trained on the proper use of firearms and where club members can enjoy occasional target shooting events. That said, I

Jim Kenyon: Policing the Police, or Not

Vermont State Police Cpl. Jonathan Graham, a 16-year veteran who worked out of the Rockingham barracks, resigned last month after some of his offensive Facebook posts made news. WCAX-TV, Channel 3, in Burlington broke the story. Other news outlets followed up by publishing samples of Graham’s posts, including this one: “Two guys kissing on Walking Dead tonight...ugh...does every show these days have to check the PC box?” After Channel 3 aired its story, state police launched an internal investigation into whether Graham had violated the

Jim Kenyon: Boston Has Strong Reactions to Bomber’s Sentence

On April 15, 2013, business was good at Juan Pedraza’s T-shirt stand near the main entrance to the Boston Common. But that’s the way it usually is on Marathon Monday. With thousands of out-of-town spectators milling around the heart of the city, it’s not hard to move inexpensive merchandise that refers in bold lettering to the Red Sox, Harvard or Duck Boats. Then, shortly before 3 p.m., Pedraza’s attention momentarily shifted off into the direction of the Boston Marathon’s finish line on Boylston Street. “I