Letter: Rape Is No Laughing Matter

To the Editor:

I have no doubt that the Hanover High School football team players who did skits at a teammate’s house were doing it only for fun as they saw it, and that the great majority of these young men would never rape anyone. Nevertheless, all young people need to know that rape is no laughing matter. Men who are in single-sex organizations like sports teams and fraternities are more likely to rape than those who are not, and male culture that laughs at rape provides a safe haven for rapists. The incidence of rape reaches epidemic proportions in college, where many of these young men will soon be; see my column, “Men and Rape” that was published in The Dartmouth (http://thedartmouth.com/2013/09/25/opinion/denton). So, while I am sorry that the team lost its chance to play at its homecoming game, and I know that may have been very discouraging for the students, I think that Hanover High officials made the right decision. If the students learn that rape is no laughing matter, it will have been worth it. It’s more important who we are, than whether or not we have fun or whether we win or lose.

Richard Denton



No Charges In Football Hazing Probe

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hanover — The Norwich police chief has decided not to press hazing charges against members of the Hanover High School football team after players participated in skits that the chief called “tasteless, inappropriate activities.” Hanover High canceled the football team’s homecoming game on Sept. 20 after the administration discovered that a majority of the players had participated in what the …