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By Don's Early Light

Mahler: The Letter Winners

It has been a year of triumph and accomplishment for Upper Valley athletes and teams — from Olympic feats to collegiate glory, to the high school record setters to the dogged weekend warriors. To honor all those, we offer a far-from-comprehensive list of some of the notable accomplishments from the past year as a way to acknowledge the success and participation of all those who have made the athletic scene the better for their involvement. It’s just a little way of saying thanks and offering

Mahler: Imagine if Conference Shuffle Hit the Ivies

You better sit down. I have it on good authority that the tornado blowing through the collegiate athletic conference landscape will soon touch down right here in our neighborhood. Don’t look now, but the Ivy League is about to get shaken up like a vodka martini. I’m sure you haven’t heard yet because the Ivy League is doing the best it can to keep this under wraps for as long as possible. After all, breaking up this old gang of mine would send seismic shocks

Mahler: For Golf Coach, Plenty of Reason for Thanks

As you listen to Rich Parker describe the events last month on Interstate 91 around Windsor, Conn., you realize just how many ways this thing could have gone bad. And believe me, there were many ways. But the subtle change in his voice as he tells the story — a mixture of awe, reverence and a touch of humility perhaps — let’s you know that there was, in fact, despite the chance for disaster, a happy and safe ending. So you’ll have to excuse Parker