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By Don's Early Light

Don Mahler: A Call to Arms for the Raider Nation

Raider Nation arise! Now is the time for all good men, women and children to come to the aid of their high school boys basketball team. The late winter snowstorm that has snarled traffic, closed schools and generally played havoc with daily life has also impacted the New Hampshire Division II boys basketball semifinals. Originally scheduled for Wednesday at UNH’s Lundholm Gym, the semifinal doubleheader — featuring Lebanon vs. Portsmouth in the first game and Pembroke vs. Pelham in the second game — was moved

Don Mahler: A Diamond Giant Departs

By any measure, we lost a giant last week. By word of mouth we got the news, sad news, tragic news, tearful news: John Bagonzi had died Thursday at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center following a period of declining health. When they built that legendary place called old school — where guys like John Bagonzi earned their letters — I bet his name was on the cornerstone. Part John Wayne, part John Wooden, he was so many things to so many people. He wore so many hats

Don Mahler: Back On the Air; Rich and Woody Return to Radio

The boys are back in town. That’s right: Rich Parker and Rob Woodward are back on the air. And as Parker puts it, “Nothing has changed but the channel.” Starting Saturday, Parker, the Dartmouth College golf coach who played in the U.S. Open, and Woodward, a former member of the Boston Red Sox pitching staff, will be broadcasting their local sports and talk show on WUVR 98.9 FM and 1490 AM in the familiar 10 a.m.-noon time slot. It was back in early December that

Don Mahler: Valley Airwaves Go Silent; After Six Years, Irreverent Radio Show Suddenly Bids Farewell

For almost six years, the Rich and Woody radio show has been plugged into the ears of the Upper Valley. Every Saturday morning, Rich Parker, the Dartmouth College golf coach who once played in the U.S. Open, and Rob Woodward, a former pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, have been the hosts of a show known as The Sports Buzz on WTSL 1400 AM. Every Saturday, they bring their off-beat observations and spot-on opinions to sports issues that can affect Upper Valley athletes and impact

Don Mahler: The Good, Bad and Ugly of College Football

I usually stop caring about college football around the time Buddy Teevens puts his headset away for the winter. I mean, after all, the BCS has so badly messed up the postseason bowl situation that it’s just hard to get excited. And then came last weekend. It was the ultimate look at the good, the bad and the ugly of college football. And in one case, all three happened in one game. Let’s start from the top: The Good: How could you not be enthralled

Don Mahler: A Chance to Whoop It Up and Hoop It Up for Ed Kehoe

Let’s be honest — no group has a more directly intense and adversarial relationship than basketball coaches and referees. Almost by definition, it is an us-versus-them scenario every night. Except for this Friday. That’s when, in the Mascoma Valley Regional High School gymnasium, we’ll all be on the same team, united in the same cause. On that night, New Hampshire basketball officials from this side of the state will be putting on a night of basketball to help raise money for Hartford High girls basketball

Don Mahler: Big Green Makes a Statement

Hanover — They will be replaying this one for years on the Dartmouth College football DVD player up in Buddy Teevens’ office. They’ll replay it for former players. They’ll replay it for alums and they’ll replay it anytime the Big Green needs a motivational moment. Yes, that 28-24 victory Saturday over Princeton was what Teevens called “a statement game.” No, the Big Green didn’t win an Ivy League title with this one, but it may have won something bigger and more important: respect. What Teevens

Don Mahler: Now That’s Using Your Noodle; Ace Pays Off for Crown Point Golfer

Springfield, Vt. — Mark Twain once said golf is a good walk spoiled. That may be true for some, just don’t try selling that sentiment to Springfield’s Ken Spear. For Spear, playing a round of golf on Sept. 22 turned into a rather profitable walk at the Crown Point Country Club. With just one swing of his hybrid club, Spear walked away with the top prize from the Jeffrey S. Holmes Memorial Golf Tournament that day. His drive off the 18th tee was worth $25,000

Don Mahler: Cardigan’s Mountain of a Man

Canaan — You don’t have to look far to see Jim Marrion’s influence at Cardigan Mountain School. There’s the football field that bears his name, the generations of students who revere him, and now, after an Oct. 19 ceremony, there’s a massive granite boulder that bears a plaque with his likeness and achievements. The words echo the man’s philosophy: Play hard. Play fair. But while friends and family came out to honor Cardigan’s old man of the mountain, the 78-year-old Marrion was more interested in

Don Mahler: X-C Coach Departs; Resignation Raises More Questions At Lebanon

The group of student-athletes was gathered in a tearful huddle in the school hallway. A teacher, hearing the commotion, came out of one of the classrooms to check on their well-being. “Why are you crying?” the teacher asked. “We just found out that Kim resigned,” one of the kids explained. “What are we going to do now?” ■ Running is a way of life for 47-year-old Kim Sheffield. She runs to stay physically fit and mentally clear. And for the past seven years — five