Letter: Both Annoying and Dangerous

To the Editor:

In his Sept. 22 Perspectives commentary (“Green Solution to Hanover’s Parking Crunch”), Peter Smith neglected to mention the need for an alternative route for pedestrian traffic on Wheelock Street near the Dartmouth Green. The propensity of Dartmouth students to trickle across the street in dribs and drabs, willy-nilly wherever they choose, is both dangerous and annoying, especially in twilight or the dark. Alternatively, one could reroute the traffic under or above the street and turn the area over to pedestrians. Either way, a change is needed.

Tara Mullen



Column: A Green Solution to Hanover’s Parking Crunch

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Clark Kerr was chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, he famously said, “(My) job has come to be defined as providing sex for the students, athletics for the alumni and parking for the faculty.” Parking is the topic that doesn’t go away, and when I had to go to Hanover recently it confronted me full-face. Hanover’s parking …