Letter: Pseudo-Science Only Misinforms Us

To the Editor:

Bjorn Lomborg continues to spew the noxious gas he is most widely known for — disinformation (“Warmer, But Not Necessarily More Extreme,” Sept. 17). He is cherry-picking the data and using the devices he is railing against to defend his own arguments.

Facts are, if you look at land, sea and air temperatures in aggregate, global temperatures are continuing to rise as predicted with carbon dioxide levels. As we have all learned with statistics, if you cherry-pick the data, you can support any argument you want. But looking at the entire data set (not cherry-picking), it is clear that:

∎ The world is warming.

∎ Carbon dioxide emissions and their equivalents released by the activities of humans are causing the warming.

∎ Weather, in general, is getting wilder as a result. (Example: the 1,000-plus-year rain in Colorado. Example two: two 50-year storms locally this summer.)

The Valley News can find many sources of helpful news to report and inform us, but quoting widely discredited pseudo-scientists is not in the public interest or a public service. It is time for the Valley News to step up, understand the issue, and present a fair and balanced view of the facts and solutions, not pseudo-experts spouting doubt to make us delay action until the fossil industries have wrung every penny, and every ounce of hope and opportunity, from us. Opposing information is fine, but opposing obfuscation has no place in journalism in the Upper Valley. The Valley News can do a real public service by presenting and debating options for moving toward the low-carbon future that we need, and that will power our economy forward in the future.

Jeff Wolfe



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