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Letter: I Prefer Abortion to Autopsy

To the Editor:

In her Jan. 20 commentary, Margaret Drye decries the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Years ago, as a county medical examiner in New Jersey, I performed autopsies on a number of women who underwent septic abortions. The well-off flew to England where abortion was legal. The poor came to the autopsy table. After Roe v. Wade, the traffic stopped.

As to Ms. Drye mourning the “lost millions,” I ask, is she helping feed the world’s millions of starving children, place the abandoned in good homes, shelter the homeless children? And does she celebrate those 11 million women who did not bring unwanted children into the world to perhaps die of starvation?

I challenge Ms. Drye to direct her efforts toward feeding the starving, not to prevent them from being aborted.

Herbert a. Knapp, M.D.



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