Letter: Hagel’s Hard-Earned Cautiousness

To the Editor:

I write in complete agreement with Fred Kaplan’s op-ed (“The Real Reason Senate Republicans Hate Hagel’s Nomination,” Jan. 8) in which he endorses Chuck Hagel for secretary of state. Kaplan refers to certain Republicans who oppose Hagel’s nomination because he is too “dovish.” I find it interesting that hawks such as William Kristol and Elliot Abrams who have been so vocal in their opposition to Hagel have never served in the military. They were somehow “otherwise engaged” during the Vietnam War when Hagel was wounded and received two Purple Hearts . Yet they criticize what they deem his overcautious attitudes about military action. I, for one, am grateful for men like Hagel who are reluctant to rush into war.

Denise Stanley



Column: The Real Reason Republicans Hate Hagel

Monday, January 7, 2013

It’s good news that President Barack Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel as his secretary of defense, despite the frantic campaign against him that’s been mounted by certain Republicans. I don’t think that he chose Hagel because of the opposition. It’s generally not Obama’s style to pick a fight for its own sake (cf. Rice, Susan). He’s an issues man, and …