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Letter: Hartford Reneged on Its Deal

To the Editor:

I read with interest the article concerning the retirement program for Hartford town employees (“Hartford Retirees Can’t Sway Board,” Dec. 11.)

Let me start by saying I do not work for the town nor do I know anyone who does. That being said, I am a taxpayer, and I find it revolting what the Selectboard has done. These retirees had a contract with the town and now they are being thrown under the bus, so to speak. We recently passed a budget that included millions for athletic fields and work on the ice rink and town hall, but now we can’t afford to keep our commitments to the people who have worked for the town for years.

If changes like this are to be made, they should be made for new hires only, not existing workers who were employed with these benefits included with their pay.

My sincere hope is that after the next election, we will have a totally new Selectboard.

Richard E. Dupuis



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