Letter: The Harsh Light of Reality

To the Editor:

The president is fast losing his grip on the popular imagination. His charisma is fading as people look behind the curtain of Oz and see the “magician” for something other than he appears to be. That’s what usually happens to charismatic leaders. Once reality shines light on the “chosen one,” their bright, shiny glow begins to dim.

As we have seen more and more of him and his bill that “had to be passed before we knew what was in it” (isn’t Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s statement one of the most incredible you’ve ever heard?) we have become aware that this president is not quite what he appeared to be and that he and the truth are often strangers to each other. He appears to believe that he is above the law, the Constitution and the people. In fact, he appears to believe he can change and adjust laws created by and passed by Congress. What article of the Constitution gives the president that power?

His Obamacare is not the only instance of this attitude. His attempt to make recess appointments to the Labor Relations Board when the Senate was not in recess, his constant use of presidential orders and bureaucratic rules and regulations, and his decisions to cherry pick immigration laws are but a few examples of his attempts to get around Congress and its legislative role.

It’s time that we see beyond the shiny glow and demand that the constitutional law professor in the White House begin to govern according to the document he swore to uphold and taught in law school — the Constitution.

J Cheston M Newbold