Letter: The Impression of Genius

To the Editor:

I’ve seen several references of late to Valerie Jarrett’s 2010 statement to the effect that President Obama’s frequent boredom is a sign of his towering intellect. Given the infinite complexity of our world, the depths of its mysteries and the breadth of experience it affords us, chronic boredom is really just a sign of intellectual laziness and a lack of curiosity, not to mention overweening self-regard and self-satisfaction.

Obama gives the impression of genius to his acolytes simply because one with even a small fraction of a clue seems very intelligent to the utterly clueless, much as a squirrel must seem wicked smart to a toad.

I’m not completely without sympathy for the president. It’s not hard to imagine how galling it must be to be publicly lectured on one’s ethics, especially by a Clinton.

Anthony Stimson