Letter: Voters Need to Pay Attention

To the Editor:

There is no question in my mind that many of us are enduring hard times. I recently discovered a fact about Vermont’s state representatives concerning their daily food reimbursement. Vermont representatives receive $61 daily for food on top of their salary. I could not believe the injustice in that fact. Does the average Vermonter spend over $60 for lunch at work? Why should the taxpayers of Windsor County pay for our representatives to eat at fancy Montpelier restaurants?

I believe that our current representatives have lost touch with the voters of Windsor County. I’m tired of being overtaxed and underrepresented. I believe that we in the Upper Valley should start paying more attention to local politics.

We can actually make a difference in Vermont, unlike Washington politics. We have an opportunity coming — the next election for state representatives in Vermont occurs in 2014. I believe that we should be better informed about the workings of our state government and less focused on national issues. We can make a real difference in states such as Vermont and New Hampshire — our voices can be heard. I only want you the great people of Vermont to start to think about our state and how they want their future to look.

Do you want to keep paying higher taxes while your representatives steal your money, or do you want better representation in Montpelier?

Tyler J. Jokinen

Springfield, Vt.


Letter: In Defense of Our Representatives

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To the Editor: In response to “Voters Need to Pay Attention” (Nov. 10), I would like to point out that the people in Springfield, Vt., who know our representatives know that they are very much in touch with the voters. They are accessible and spend an inordinate amount of their time serving the town as active board members and volunteers. …