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Letter: Disappearing Art of Bee Lining

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Nicola Smith on her in-depth article in the Oct. 26 Valley News about lining honeybees. This is becoming a lost art, but a fun one for those interested in doing it. It takes tremendous patience — I speak from experience having done this with my husband years ago. We had a few hives of bees at home, but in September enjoyed going out with the “bee box” and anise-flavored sugar water, trying to find a colony of wild honey bees, usually feeding on golden rod flowers. He once found a colony in a hollow tree and we enjoyed very flavorful wild honey from it. Another time we “lined” bees and ended our endeavor in the yard of a man we knew who had bee hives. I really enjoyed the article and the memories it brought back.

Lorraine Zigman



‘It’s a Patient Game’

Friday, October 25, 2013

To line bees, you have to know bees, and Will Gilman knows bees. He knows that bees gather nectar to make honey, and that pollen is a source of protein to feed young bees. He knows that bees are sensitive to color, smell and the weather. He’s learned through experience that wild bees like to make hives in hollow trees …