Letter: Both Parties Are to Blame

To the Editor:

I can’t blame just one party for putting our government in a stalemate. Tell me, how many representatives care about the average person, workers, the disabled or our wounded warriors? We should pass a law that says that anyone serving as a representative must take classes in economics, geography, current affairs and human relations. These should be held in Washington once a month followed by discussions from people of both parties about the country’s problems.

I am getting tired of seeing deadbeats and fools sleep through sessions and then decide how to vote simply by following others. I am getting tired of the excess spending. I am tired of people acting selfishly toward immigrants, who fled to our country for freedom and often accept low-paying jobs that need hard workers, especially in agriculture. I see only the greedy wanting more and doing less for their neighbors and communities. I see greedy people who can give to the needy, wounded warriors, the sick and the elderly.

Wake up, America. Most people have forgotten how to pray and thank God for the fruits of labor, the beauty of the Earth, and the ability of everyone to live a good life if they make an effort. I hope everyone thinks about the above and expresses their opinion. This is mine. I admit I am not always correct, but it is good to send comments.

Rita Toni Pease