Letter: The Way of Poor Losers

To the Editor:

After reading Jim Newcomb’s Oct. 12 Forum letter (“Blaming the Wrong Side”), I need to ask one simple question: Seriously?

After getting the Affordable Care Act voted into law and then having it declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, the Republicans are demanding that the president defund it or they will (and did) shut down the government and default on our debt. Let us suppose that the shoe was on the other foot and the Democrats didn’t like a law that a Republican president got passed and threatened to do the same if he didn’t ban high-capacity gun clips and all assault weapons. I venture to guess that the Tea Party would be up in arms and attack the Democrats as being un-American — which, by the way, isn’t even a word (look it up). It seems to me that this is the poor loser’s way of trying to get his way even though he lost! My beloved New York Giants are 0-6 right now, but I don’t see them trying to shut down the NFL because they can’t win.

John Lanza



Letter: Blaming the Wrong Side

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To the Editor: When I opened the Oct. 8 Valley News and saw the headline “Democrats Push to End Gridlock,” I couldn’t help but wonder what country the headline was referring to. It sure wasn’t this one! President Obama and the Democrats have done nothing to help end a budget crisis they created by refusing to negotiate with the Republicans …