Letter: A Record-Breaking Book Sale

To the Editor:

When visitors stepped into Tracy Hall in Norwich on Oct. 4 and 5, they beheld a sea of books. There were books on the windowsills, on tables and under them, and lining the walls of the room. There were delicate old books and glossy new books; books filled with music, poetry and recipes; books of love and romance; and books of mystery and intrigue. Some folks browsed and left with a book or two. Others bought bundles of books that they hauled away in boxes and bags.

Altogether, the Friends of the Norwich Public Library annual book sale brought in over $10,000 — a record. The Friends generously donated the proceeds to the Norwich Public Library to support its programs for adults and children.

The Norwich Public Library relies on grassroots efforts like these. Local libraries provide vital resources and programs to their communities, who in turn support and enrich their libraries. It’s part of a healthy cycle that keeps our library, and many other public libraries, thriving from year to year.

This remarkably successful sale was the culmination of months of hard work and represented a true community endeavor. Community members donated piles of books. Dan and Whit’s General Store provided space to store them. Youth-in-Action and Boy Scout Troop 253 pitched in to haul them. Buyers turned out to get bargain books and support the library.

Through it all, the Friends of the Library worked day and night to haul and sort, to spread the word about the sale, and to provide excellent customer service with smiles on their faces. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all who gave their time and energy to benefit the library.

Would you consider joining the Friends of the Norwich Public Library or contributing to the library in some other way? Drop us a line at circulation.desk@norwichlibrary.org or call us at 802-649-1184.

Liz Faiella

Programming and publicity coordinator

Norwich Public Library