Letter: Can’t Get More Natural

To the Editor:

Chemical weapons in Syria, extremist slaughter in Nairobi, dysfunction in Washington, D.C., unsustainable debts, health care in disarray, broken homes, failing educational systems ... and more. Yet some people, including those in the regulatory do-good militia (i.e. government bureaucrats), have time to worry about horse poop on woodland trails (“Horse Riders Spit Bit Over Trail Cleanup Rule,” Sept. 21)?

It is common etiquette among equestrians to clean up after their horses at group events. Should riding as individuals on rural trails qualify for the same measures? Anyone who has actually looked at the subject matter closely knows that, unlike human waste and dog excrement, horse manure is nothing more than hay that has been shredded, compacted and sped along the natural process of becoming compost. While unattractive on a paved street, it is a part of the natural world ... what one should be seeking when taking to the trails. Get over it.

Tim Dreisbach

South Royalton


Horse Riders Spit Bit Over Trail Cleanup Rule

Friday, September 20, 2013

Orford — Granite State equine enthusiasts are spooked by proposed state regulations that would mandate horse riders on state-owned land to clean up after their animals, calling the stipulation unnecessary and impractical. The proposed rule changes would require owners of horses and other animals to clean up manure in “public traffic areas” on state-owned land such as trails, including the …