Letter: Poor Communication in Windsor

To the Editor:

I was really upset to go into the Windsor Diner to learn that there was a problem with the water and that we were under a boil-water order. I am upset that we were not contacted by our town officials to let us know. We received no notice at all from the town of Windsor.

My understanding is that this had been going on for several days, and it seems as if they should have made a better effort to inform residents. I am aware that it was posted in the newspaper, but not everyone gets the newspaper. I myself, as I said, had to go into a local restaurant to learn this. I have known towns that put up alerts and went door to door to inform their residents. I blame this on poor management by town officials. It seems as if they had something to hide and didn’t want us to know there was a problem. They know how to contact us when it comes time to pay the water bill.

Owen Jarvis