Letter: Going in Circles

To the Editor:

You people in Hartford who favor building a roundabout, traffic rotary or whatever you want to call it near the Prospect Street and Route 4 intersection need to go for a ride with a truck driver hauling a car carrier or a low-bed trailer loaded with a piece of equipment like a bulldozer. These vehicles have a clearance of only 4 to 7 inches between the ground and the frame of the trailer. As is the case at the rotary near the Hanover Fire Station, a truck that slows down too much can get snagged on the rotary’s curbing — or it will take up more than one lane while navigating the rotary because of the length of the truck. If they do build a rotary, they should make the inner circle much smaller, maybe four feet in diameter. They should also build it from the center out on one level, not on built-up levels across it.

Denis Backus

White River Junction