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Letter: It’s Time to Grow Up

To the Editor:

My, aren’t we charming animals! We bring a war-like attitude to everything we do — our play, our businesses, our politics, even our religions.

How long is it going to take humanity to grow up and look at things in an adult manner? No one owns the planet; it belongs to God, and we are pretty poor custodians. No one owns ideas of improvement; they are sent by the holy spirit to be developed for the betterment of all, not to be grabbed by greedy souls for the enlargement of their holdings. Finally, no one owns God, even though most religions claim to.

I yearn for a world that acknowledges that every living being is simply a temporary house for a bit of the holy spirit to use while giving and receiving love from every other living being. Now, let’s all go out and do it.

Robert Daubenspeck

White River Junction