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Letter: An Uncertain Prognosis

To the Editor:

The Valley News observes that merely building an Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange “doesn’t guarantee that the uninsured will come to it” (“Navigating Obamacare,” Aug. 25). Similarly, spending money to promote the exchange will not guarantee that it will be operated efficiently, just as titling the law “affordable” does not guarantee this will be the case.

Subsidies for some have nothing to do with whether or not the entire system is affordable in the whole. Time will tell. Perhaps true interstate competition and tort reform would do more to lower costs and achieve affordability, in place of ever-more complex regulation influenced by special interests.

Tim Dreisbach

South Royalton


Editorial: Navigating Obamacare

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If you build it, they will come. So goes an expression forever linked to a movie about a field of dreams and old-time baseball. But what if you’re talking about something less magical but more momentous, like a new marketplace to sell affordable health insurance over the Internet in a bid to improve U.S. health care? Then the answer isn’t …