Letter: Closer Look at Wellspring School

To the Editor:

Thank you for your Aug. 24 article on the closing of the Wellspring Waldorf School. We would like to elaborate on one statement: “The school operates on a model in which families who can’t afford full tuition can negotiate a lower rate in exchange for helping with school operations.”

We’d like to clarify that all Wellspring families, regardless of ability to pay, worked tirelessly at the school to help realize the goal of providing a quality Waldorf education to all. Additionally, the financial model was more akin to that of public radio in which families were asked to pay what they could — some paid the full amount and others paid a fraction of that amount. In any given year, more than 75 percent of the students filling our classrooms came from families who otherwise would have been unable to consider a Waldorf education for their children.

All Wellspring board members, teachers, parents and students — past and present — should rejoice and claim victory for having successfully provided an incredibly soulful, beautiful, imagination-building education to so many for the last 25 years.

Heidi Chapman and Chris Byrne



Waldorf School Closes

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tunbridge — The financially struggling Wellspring Waldorf School has informed parents it will not reopen for the coming school year. The school’s Board of Trustees made the decision Friday evening following an “emotional” closed door meeting. Classes had been scheduled to start on Sept. 3. “The outpouring of support and love for the school over the past two weeks as …