Letter: Gun Safety Isn’t a Debate

To the Editor:

“Gun Safety and Education in the Post-Newtown Era” ( Valley Parents, page 8) aimed to encourage parents concerned for their children’s safety to ask an important question: Are guns locked up at their friend’s home? Norwich Police Chief Doug Robinson stressed just how vital that question is at a recent local forum.

My concern is how the article frames the entire matter as a debate between “gun rights” and “anti-gun” groups, when the real issue is child safety in a gun culture. For some readers this reinforces old and unfounded fears of bans rather than focusing on the value of safe storage. As long as newspapers use antiquated terms like “gun rights” and “anti-gun,” any sensible reform will be that much tougher. Chief Robinson isn’t anti-gun — he hunts like many Vermonters — but like all responsible gun owners, he locks his guns and supports efforts for a safe storage law to ensure our kids are safe. That’s what moms and dads seek, whether they own guns or not.

Bob Williamson

South Woodstock