Letter: Here We Go Again

To the Editor:

I love newspapers and especially the Valley News. While cleaning up recently, I found a March 3, 1994, Valley News saved for unknown reasons. Headlines include (parenthesis added for clarity by me):

∎ “State’s (New Hampshire) ‘Recovery’ (from recession) No Economic Cure”

∎ “Welfare at All-Time High; Medicaid cases of 10,900 (record high)”

∎  (Lebanon City ) “Council Approves Interim 12A Fix”

∎  (President) “Clinton Makes Appeal for Mideast Peace”

∎ “Claremont Rejects $6.7 Million Bond”

∎ “Wheelabrator Criticizes Report”

∎ “Committee Rejects School Funding Bill”

It’s sad that history repeats itself after only 19 years, although 12A was fixed in only 18 years.

James Hunt