Letter: Focus on Energy in Strafford

To the Editor:

Thank you to the many people in the Upper Valley who have been working extremely hard on energy-related issues, doing yeoman efforts in winterization, energy efficiency and conservation. More and more solar arrays are going up on individual rooftops and at business and commercial sites. All this effort should be acknowledged by all those not yet involved.

To this end, Bill McKibben will be in Strafford to discuss his new book at the town house on Thursday evening, Aug. 15. The very next day, he and 12 other speakers will participate in a symposium titled “Our Children, Climate, Faith Conference.” This event, also at the Strafford Town House, brings into play all the efforts that already have been undertaken and will add the dimensions of faith and our children to the discussion.

The steering committee has created the following description of the event: “an inclusive symposium on moral, ethical, spiritual, and religious consciousness addressing climate disruption, social justice and the rightful future of all children.” Thank you, Upper Valley folks, for all that you do. Broaden your vision and come to the symposium. You will find more information at www.faithclimateconference.org

Fred Wolfe